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Technology for Social Good

As a partner, BUILD UMass will collaborate with you to develop technology that turns your vision into a reality. Completely free of charge!


Our members consist of vast range of STEM and Business majors who each have a unique skill set. We all share one goal which is to make a difference in the community through technology. Our primary services can be divided in the following categories, however, are not limited to them.

Software Dev

Software Development

Cutting edge software is often key to the success of any organizations and can help optimize several tasks. Our developers and consultants will study your operations and find out the bottlenecks that can be resolved by some sort of automation. We will then work with you to create a custom-built software system that will significantly improve your operations effectively and efficiently

Web Dev

Web Development

Having an online presence is essential to today’s society. At BUILD, we would love to work with you to make sure your online presence is strong. We can improve your existing website with a modern facelift or create a new blog from scratch to help you build an online community of supporters. Additionally, BUILD can improve operations by implementing better internal communication tools.


Tech Consulting & Data Analytics

Consultants at BUILD are well versed with modern day technologies and have a deep understanding of their merits and demerits. We can assist you in choosing the optimal technologies and services to ensure your business runs smoothly.


Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Get in touch with us anyway and we’ll try our best to accomodate any of your requests!

How it works

We can generalize what our process is in our service in four phases-

Phase 1

Project Discussion

We will work with your organization to understand the project in great depth and scope out the minimum viable product (MVP). Once we agree on the MVP, the project lead will write up a statement of work to be shared with the nonprofit.

Phase 2

Building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

After the statement of work passes, our developers work in teams and start building the minimum viable product (MVP) and share their progress with the clients regularly for feedback. Once, the MVP is ready, it is shared with the clients for a thorough inspection and review following which it enters user testing.

Phase 3

User Testing

Once the MVP is ready, we add various analytics plugins and survey tools and then distribute the MVP among a wide array of audiences for testing. In the meanwhile, the developers continue building additional functionality and also resolve bugs as they arise.

Phase 4

Product Polish & Hand-off

At the end of the user testing phase, the team makes their final tweaks and fixes any issues that may arise during user testing. They then hand-off the project to the clients and if needed help them configure it.